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Viagra is available in 3 different doses - 25 mg, FIFTY mg and 100 mg to fit the needs of every person taking it.

People adverse sildenafil, and also those taking nitrate based medicines are not supposed to take Viagra at any kind of doses.

There are a number of medical conditions that should be mentioned to your medical provider.

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Throughout a collection of researches focuseded on setting up how efficient Viagra can be in guys of different age and safety problem this medicine proved efficient in 90 % of all cases - the most effective result ever before demonstrated.

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Relying on exactly how your physical body reacts to the procedure, you will certainly either be suggested to stop the treatment, the medical professional will recommended sticking to the dosage already suggested, or it will certainly be enhanced to see if this time you will get suitable results.

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Priapism (extraordinarily long and uncomfortable erection) is fraught with permanent damages of the cells of the penis.

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In case you purchased this medicine online, checked out the tag carefully before starting the therapy to see if there is anything you should know before taking the very first amount.

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